Ep.1 – Pilot. Zzzzaaap!!!!

In this pilot episode, we hear today’s headlines and corporate sponsor info, an interview with Louis Rinallo (relating his astoundingly unfortunate experience with a scientific experiment), and a new approach to our annual fund drive.

Cast : Sheila Ferrini, Will LebowCeleste OlivaChip PhillipsPatrick Shea, and Joe Smith.  Music by Jamie Dunphy.  Written & directed by Joe Smith.

IPR : Irrational Public Radio


Where other news sources offer sound bytes and sensationalism, Irrational Public Radio informs, challenges, soothes and/or berates, and does so with a pleasing vocal cadence and unmatched enunciation. When you listen to IPR, integrity washes over you like lava, with the pleasing familiarity of a medium-roast coffee and a sensible muffin.

IPR is a public radio parody created and produced by Joe Smith. It is comprised of over 20 free podcast episodes (published in this blog), as well as a full-length album (available digitally or on CD). Some very talented voice actors, as well as a number of actual public radio on-air personalities, have graciously lent their talents.