Joe knows about a few select things enough to teach them. Among them; working in commercials and voice-overs. He has done so recently at Orange County School of the Arts, CP Casting, and at the Chris Neville Acting Workshops.

“ I don't know what you did but I have gotten a callback for every audition I have gone on since your class! ” - Lisa, attendee at Joe’s workshop at CP Casting in Boston, 2019

I was a little nervous taking the class because I was the only teenager in a room of adults, but Joe was so welcoming that it didn’t matter…. His approach is so personal that you feel comfortable to experiment and be yourself. The class was really insightful and I learned so much – I really enjoyed it!” - Jake, young attendee at Joe’s commercial auditioning workshop, 2019

What impressed me the most, (besides his obvious knowledge and expertise in the VO Industry) was his ability to tailor his classes to the age he was teaching to. As we all know some ages are more challenging than others, and he was able to adjust his teaching style for maximum effectiveness no matter what age he was addressing. I would highly recommend Joe's VO classes to any institution looking to expand their current curriculum.” - Liz Lang Rice, faculty Orange County School of the Arts


Midnight, Texas

Joe provided the voice for Mr. Snuggly, the misanthropic talking cat on Midnight, Texas, recently finishing its 2-season run on NBC (2017-2018).



He is concluding a 9-year run as Joe the Cheese Maturity Scientist in a commercial campaign for Cheez-It, launched by director Christopher Guest. He is now formally licensed to evaluate maturity, so please be on your best behavior.



He created, wrote, directed, produced, and edited this public radio parody podcast. Many very talented actors, as well as actual public radio personalities, lent their talents. The project has been on the back burner since an evil orange hobgoblin ruined the very notion of “fake news” by applying the term to real news he just didn’t like. You can listen to the whole podcast archive here, and subscribe to wait patiently for it to come back when the world is slightly less horrible in this regard.


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