Hello. I’m Joe Smith. That is my real name, yes. I have been a working VO actor for over 25 years (hear my stuff here), am represented by CESD, and am a member of SAG-AFTRA. I have been directing, recording, editing, and producing audio for almost as long. I would be happy to help you put together a VO demo that suits your particular needs.

Want to hear some demos I’ve produced? Okay. For starters, here are a few of mine:

Now here are a few of my clients’ demos that I produced from scratch; I curated copy, directed, recorded, and edited:


And finally, a few made from previously-recorded voice-only tracks, which I then edited and produced (with music, fx, etc.) into full, polished demos.

I also have been voice-directing actors for years for my public radio parody IPR : Irrational Public Radio.

VO recording booth.JPEG

I have a comfortable home studio (see picture), and strive to create a recording environment that is fun, relaxed, and supportive. I have worked with polished professionals as well as rookies, and offer many different styles of demo reels, whether you need a commercial demo (a standard for introducing yourself to the VO world), or a more specialized one (animation, narration, promo, audiobook, etc.).

Feel free to drop me a line to discuss options, ask any questions, or request referrals. Below is information on packages & pricing. I look forward to talking VO with you!


- Joe Smith


THE “I’M HALFWAY THERE” ($150-300)

This package is for those who have audio already recorded. If you have 5-10 segments of completely produced spots that you simply want edited together into a seamless demo; that will be $150. If you have previously-recorded raw VO tracks (up to 10 segments), but need it produced into a proper full demo with music, effects, etc., that will be $300.


This package includes finding/creating copy, and a session at my home studio to record up to 9 spots. I will then use this recorded material to produce a polished demo that shows you at your best. I will direct you in the booth, helping you shape your vocal approach to each piece, taking the time we need to get it right. The price range takes into account the number and complexity of the various segments.



If recording at my home studio, sessions can take between 90 minutes to 2 hours, after which you can go about your merry way and I will edit on my own. You are, of course, welcome to let me know any preferences in terms of order of pieces, music, fx, etc. - otherwise, I will simply use my best judgement. When I have a draft, I will email the .mp3 to you, you can let me know any adjustments you might like, then I’ll make them and send back another draft, and so on, until we have a finished demo with which you’re happy.