I had the pleasure of doing the voice of (and social media for) Mr. Snuggly the talking cat on the NBC series Midnight, Texas (2017-2018).

Between Seasons 1 & 2, I wrote a script for the show. I was not one of the staff writers, nor did anyone ask me to write it. They weren’t even legally allowed to read an unsolicited script. To be clear, this was unofficial.

But I wrote it anyway, for fun. If you enjoyed the show, and especially if you enjoyed Mr. Snuggly, I think you will also enjoy this.

I am grateful to the Midnight, Texas family for the pleasure of their company and for trusting me with a beloved character (from the book series by Charlaine Harris). And I am especially grateful for the dedicated fans who watched, gave us love on social media, and always (wisely) deferred to the cat. 😼❤️

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Me? How??